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Little Seeds Preschool Enrichment 

Our Little Seeds Preschool Program is a play/activity based learning program with an emphasis on art, science, music, singing and imaginative play through wildly creative and interactive teaching methods. Your child will learn letter sounds, sight words, writing skills, numbers, basic math, and what is expected when they go to kindergarten. Our mission is to provide exceptional care to children while fostering each child's intellectual, social, physical and moral development in an academic-rich environment that builds a strong educational foundation.

We are very proud of our preschool program! You will not find a program that puts more into their kiddos than here!

Check out some of the fun we have:

Hours / Days of Operation / Pricing


4’s Class is in session from 8:45am-12:35pm

4 day a week program (Monday-Thursday) - $315

5 day a week program - $360


3’s Class is in session from 9:00am – 1:00pm

3 days a week program - $290

4 day a week program (Monday-Thursday) - $340

5 day a week program - $380


2’s Class is in session from 9:15am-12:20pm

2 days a week program (Monday & Wednesday)  - $190

2 days a week program (Tuesday & Thursday)  - $190

4 days a week program (Monday-Thursday) - $380

Afternoon Preschool Program

is in session from 2:00pm - 4:00pm

4 days a week program (Monday - Thursday) - $170

This program is for 3 & 4year olds

Testimonials - "My daughter and I absolutely love Little seeds. She is in the 3yo class and Ms Katie has been wonderful teaching the kids in a fun and playful way letters, numbers, shapes, social behavior etc. They have show and share and hands on activities related to the weekly themes. Kids have the opportunity to do science experiments, Steam related activities which is a plus plus for me. The kids in the class have form a sweet bond, they care and respect each other, they are sweet to each other. I believe they work their magic and are very creative to engage the kids with different projects. Kids also get to experience different kind of field trips. Absolutely the best preschool in the area." - V. Ciampaglia

"This was the best program we ever did for our kids. I’m so glad we found y’all and can never thank you enough for everything. Our child is so bright and prepared for kindergarten because of you." - A. Coleman

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